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Two preprints online

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We recently submitted two preprints to BioRxiv — there is of course a lot of debate (see here and here) around posting your papers to preprint servers such as this, prior to peer review.  It will be interesting to go through the full process firsthand, then decide if we’ll ever do it again…

Hebert, P.D.N., Braukmann, T.W.A., Prosser, S.W.J., Ratnasingham, S., deWaard, J.R., Ivanova, N.V., Janzen, D.H., Hallwachs, W., Naik, S., Sones, J.E. and Zakharov E.V. 2017. A Sequel to Sanger: Amplicon sequencing that scales. bioRxiv: 191619. doi:10.1101/191619

deWaard, J.R., Levesque-Beaudin, V., deWaard, S.L., Ivanova, N., McKeown, J., Miskie, R., Naik, S., Perez, K., Ratnasingham, S.R., Sobel, C.N., Sones, J., Steinke, C., Telfer, A.C., Young, A., Young, M.R., Zakharov, E.V. & Hebert, P.D.N. Expedited assessment of terrestrial arthropod diversity by coupling Malaise traps with DNA barcoding. bioRxiv: 192732. doi:10.1101/192732

October 30th, 2017 at 6:30 pm

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