Jeremy deWaard


Articles published, submitted or in press in refereed journals

Otis, G.W., Landry, J.-F., deWaard, J.R., Gartshore, M., Beadle, D., Stead, K. Rediscovery of the Lupine Leafroller Moth, Anacampsis lupinella Busck (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), in Ontario. Journal of the Entomological Society of Ontario. In revision.

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Book chapters and monographs

Pohl, G.R., Landry, J.-F., Schmidt, B.C., Lafontaine, J.D., Macaulay, A.D., van Nieukerken, E.J., deWaard, J.R., Dombroskie, J.J., Klymko, J.J., Nazari, V., and Stead, K. (2018) Annotated checklist of the moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) of Canada and Alaska. Series Faunistica: 118. 580 pp. [website]

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Research/Technology contributions

Hebert, P.D.N., Prosser, S, and deWaard, J.R. Method to Amplify DNA Sequences from Degraded Sources. International Patent Application (PCT/CA2016/050970). Filed August 18, 2016. [patent]

This provisional patent describes a sophisticated next generation sequencing (NGS) protocol that involves a dual, nested and unbiased PCR approach to co-amplify several small overlapping fragments, followed my massive multiplexing of the tagged amplicons. The target of multiplexing 95 century old specimens on a single NGS run was achieved, with near-perfect sequence recovery, and the cost of analyzing each type specimen was lowered to roughly $5 USD.

Non-refereed reports, articles and abstracts

deWaard, J.R., Steinke, C., Zakharov, E.V., Sones, J.E. Perez, K.H.J., deWaard, S.L., Ivanova, N.V., Braukmann, T.W.A., Prosser, S.W.J., and Hebert, P.D.N. (2017) Developing an optimal strategy for agricultural bio-surveillance using DNA barcoding. Genome 60: 927. DOI: 10.1139/gen-2017-0178

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