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One more PLoS ONE paper online


Another chapter from my thesis came out in PLoS ONE recently.  It’s a brief study that compiles and assesses a nearly complete barcode library for the geometrids of BC (for a great overview of this family in BC, see p75 of Scudder and Cannings 2007).  If you’re curious, the only species on our checklist that we didn’t successfully barcode was Hydrelia brunneifasciata (Packard)).  Grab the open-access article here or from my ‘publications’ page, and the reference is as follows:

deWaard, J.R., Hebert, P.D.N., and Humble, L.M.  (2011).  A comprehensive DNA barcode library for the looper moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) of British Columbia, Canada.  PLoS ONE 6: e18290.

April 8th, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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