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New preprint online

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The preprint for this manuscript is now available on bioRxiv:

deWaard, J.R., Ratnasingham, S., Zakharov, E.V., Borisenko, A.V., Steinke, D., Telfer, A.C., Perez, K.H.J., Sones, J.E., Young, M.R., Levesque-Beaudin, V., Sobel, C.N., Abrahamyan, A., Bessonov, K., Blagoev, G., deWaard, S.L., Ho, C., Ivanova, N.V., Layton, K.K.S., Lu, L., Manjunath, R., McKeown, J.T.A., Milton, M.A., Miskie, R., Monkhouse, N., Naik, S., Nikolova, N., Pentinsaari, M., Prosser, S.W.J., Radulovici, A.E., Steinke, C., Warne, C.P., Hebert, P.D.N. A reference library for the identification of Canadian invertebrates: 1.5 million DNA barcodes, voucher specimens, and genomic samples. bioRxiv: 701805. doi:10.1101/701805

The title is quite self-explanatory — you can get to it here.

July 21st, 2019 at 7:56 pm

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